Introducing . . .

Naomi and Joseph! Two new and adorable additions to the Luther Glen Farm!

At 6 o’clock Sunday night 3 year old pygmy goat Esther’s water broke and she began to push. We saw a little black nose with two hooves and then she stuck her tongue out at us.

Within 15 minutes this precious little girl was born. Her brother took a little longer to fully come into this world, and needed a little assistance from Lauri and Beth.

After a little food Esther had the energy to make the final push and he was out. We tickled his nose with a piece of hay, he sneezed and with that he took his first breaths!

Our campers were able to take a peek at these babies today and were amazed at how the kids were walking and skipping about. So much joy and life here at the Luther Glen Farm!



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