Call for Cartons

Do you enjoy farm fresh eggs?! We do too! We want to get as many fresh Luther Glen eggs as possible out into our community, but we need your help! If you have any dozen sized egg cartons to spare- we would love to take them off your hands! If you or your congregation collect cartons, let us know!

Summer Planting

The planning and planting for our summer campers is well in the works! Yesterday over 50 seedlings were moved out of the greenhouse and planted in the garden including: cucumbers, tomatoes, honeydew, watermelon, cantaloupe, sugar snap peas and basil! It’s shaping up to be a produce filled and delicious summer season!

May Snow

Life on the Farm is unpredictable. Whether is a volunteer seed sprouting somewhere it wasn’t planted, or an animal sneaking into another pen, or, as we experienced just this week, a snowstorm in May.

It may sound tedious, but that unpredictability is a gift. It keeps us on our toes and always thinking about what comes next. We don’t have the luxury about getting settled because something is always changing. The garden is in a state of constant change – seeds turn to sprouts, start to bloom, need harvesting. There is always something to repair or replace or reinvent. This is what we love most. We are always moving forward – there is no chance for a static state of being at Luther Glen.

We are thankful for the late season snow that helped soak our earth just a little bit more before the dry summer season. Plus, the farm looks beautiful in the snow. We hope you are enjoying your May weather – whatever it may be!


We spend a lot of time worrying about weeds on the farm. We spend a lot of time pulling them out and trying to prevent them from coming back. Sometimes I wonder: what’s all the fuss about? Are they really that bad? After all, weeds are growth and we dedicate our lives to nurturing new growth. So what of these pesky plants we don’t want and that constant battle we fight.

To their credit, weeds offer us a little glimpse of hope and beauty. They are proof that something can grow here and that against all odds, life is resilient.
But what we don’t appreciate is that their ability to fight for their life will all too often suffocate the life we are trying to nurture. They will compete for the water and the nutrients and the sunlight and the space that our precious little plants need for themselves. Because we are advocates for our plants we embark on an effort to eradicate the weeds.

Like our faith lives, weeding takes a lot of time. Life takes a lot of time and energy, nutrients, space and sun. We plant seeds of faith and it’s all too easy for the other elements of out lives will fight for our attention, suffocating out faith seeds.

Our jobs, our errands and our bills spread us thin. Our faith – which has so much potential for growth – sometimes takes the permanent back seat. Like weeds, our various obligations are proof that we are moving forward in life, but like our planted seeds, shouldn’t we be advocates of our faith?

This spring, we ask you to join us in meditation and reflection on how we can weed through the chaos of our lives to make room for growth.

Praise be to the God of all growth, planned and unplanned, and to chaos and order and our lives.

Best Friend

It’s not uncommon to hear the phrase: “A dog is a man’s best friend.”

We’re lucky here at Luther Glen to have dogs that are more than that. They are the best friends to us and to the goats, the sheep, the chickens, the pigs and the horse.

Like best friends we all remember, they don’t always get along. The pigs tend to try and sneak into Annie’s food bowl or Ranger works the chickens into a frenzy.

But like the most loyal friends, the dogs never stop working for everyone else. They are up all night keeping watch of the farm to make sure nothing gets in from outside. They are keenly aware of everything that happens, of where the goats are grazing and when something isn’t right.

The farm dogs aren’t pets, but they are hardworking companions and they are loyal friends and we’re thankful for the hard work that they do.


Farm to You

The Luther Glen Farm was on the road this week! We took the Farm program to King of Glory Lutheran Preschool in Fountain Valley and everyone had an amazing time! The kids enjoyed having the goats and chickens come to visit and we always love being able to educate and help kids experience God’s awesome creation! If you want to schedule a visit with the Luther Glen Farm just let us know by emailing: